Dikshitar/ Shyama Sastri Aradhana Day
November Saturday 3rd, 2018 - 9:00 AM

Muthuswamy Dikshitar, the youngest of the Carnatic Trinity was born on March 24, 1775 to Ramaswamy Dikshitar and Subbammal of Tanjore. After initial training from his father, he was sent with his guru Chidambaranatha Yogi to North India. Dikshitar returned home, after many years of travel gaining musical and worldly knowledge, with the unique Saraswathi Veena, gifted to him by his guru shortly before he attained "samadhi". Dikshitar composed 450 to 500 kritis fill with Bhakti and Worship mainly in Sanskrit and Telugu with a few compositions in Manipravalam, a mixture of Tamil and Telugu, with name of the raga and his mudra, Guruguha, included in all of them. His broad outlook made him accept North Indian ragas and also western music elements. Among his compositions are the popular Navagraha and Navavarna kritis. He passed away peacefully on October 21, 1835 after performing Devi pooja and while listening to his disciples rendering Meenakshi Memudham Dehi in ragam Gamakakriya.

Shyama Sastri, the oldest of the Carnatic Trinity, was born on April 26, 1762 to Vengalakshmi and Viswanatha Iyer. His forefathers, archakas in the goddess Bangaru Kamakshi temple in Tanjore, though scholarly, were not musically inclined. The turning point in his life was at age18 when he came under the guidance of Sangitaswami, a master of dance and music whom the family hosted for a four month period. Shyama Sastri continued the family tradition of praying at the Kamakshi temple by singing her praises in the form of original compositions. He has composed around 300 kritis in Telugu, Sanskrit, and Tamil with his mudra, Shyamakrishna. He is the architect of the swarajathi musical form, the most popular being the set of 3 called the "Ratna Thrayam". His kritis are replete with pathos and devotion primarily in praise of Goddess Kamakshi. He attained the lotus feet of the Goddess on February 6, 1827.

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