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Patri Satish Kumar


He is one of the most sought after Mridangam artist. His gurus are some of the great Mridangam players from Andhra, Sri Ramachandramurthy, V.A.Swami and V.Narasimhan. Satish was inspired into the world of Percussion right from childhood by his mother Padmavathy, a renowned violinist. He played his first concert at the young age of 7. Satish is the Asthana Vidwan of the Kanchi Kamakoti Peetham and in the last 32 years he has accompanied all the top ranking artists in concerts all over the world. He is one of the youngest A rated mridangam artist of the AIR. An exponent of Classical, Fusion and Jazz percussion, he is a very innovative artist and has played in many international festivals.

An exponent of Classical, Fusion and Jazz percussion, Satish is a very innovative artist and has performed in many international festivals. Satish has played in many audio and video recordings with different melodic instruments from India and the West & has also conceived a special Laya Vinyasam (a cascade of rhythms) titled 'Dancing Drums'. He has evolved a style of his own which he blends perfectly with different instruments and voice as he adapts his approach playing alongside varied melodic instruments. Satish Kumar has regaled audiences all over the world and is the recipient of numerous awards . He is a ranked "A" arist of the AIR and is well known for his spontaneity, fine artistry and deft fingering techniques. A teacher with individualized touch, he has disciples in most continents.